About Us

Dancing is all about good communication. Dance will create lasting friendships, improve self confidence and help everyone unwind!

Welcome to “Vračar” Dance Center

Our club was founded way back in 1985. “Vračar” Dance Center was one of the first ballroom dancing clubs in Serbia, and through the years has become an institution. Our dedication and commitment to dance has birthed generations of high level competitors and performers. Those dancers are the same youngsters who first tiptoed onto the dance floor with us a decade or two ago. Being a part of Vračar dance club is not just about competition, it’s about learning to go through life with grace, class and joy. We love to compete. But we also strive to bring the joy and glamour of dance to our community. Dance is best appreciated through participation. We regularly plans events of all kinds: social dances, events for children, charitable events, even a dance festival with over a thousand participants at Nikola Pasić Square. Young and old, experts and novices are not only welcome, but encouraged to join us. Dance is ultimately about communication. Come be part of the conversation, and dance your way into a new exciting chapter in your life

“Vračar” Dance Center is the founder of almost all dance organizations in our area: JSSP (Yugoslav Association of Sports Dance), PSS (Dance Association of Serbia), PSSCG (Dance Association of Serbia and Montenegro), PSBG (Dance Association Belgrade), UPVUTJ (Association of Dance Leaders, Teachers and Coaches of Yugoslavia), UPTSCG (Association of Dance Coaches of Serbia), School Dance League, 3P League of Serbia (Project of Progressive Dances) and Pro-dance league competitions.

"Dancing, that means a glass full of strength and will to live!"

Jovan Dučić

We are the most successful dance club in Serbia and have gone on to make our mark internationally as well. With over 30 state championship titles, winners of the Cup of Serbia, more than a hundred cups and medals from international competitions won in England, Italy, France and Austria, our passion and work ethic is undeniable. Our club members have performed in over 150 TV shows and movies, theatrical plays and sporting events. Thousands of children have been trained during various free teaching events we’ve organized.

”Dance is a language. Its purpose is communication."

Paul D.Bloom




Our Coaches

Meet our dance instructors.

    Honorary President (Founder)
    Founder of many dance organizations in Belgrade and Serbia. Dragan is the founder of the Vračar Dance Club, as well as a variety of other dance associations and programs
    Master Dance Instructor, Arbiter and President
    Active competitor for 25 years, multiple time national champion and coach for 14 years.
    Dance Instructor, Sports Director
    Nikola is a 15 time national champion in Latin American and standard dances, and 2 time semifinalist of the world championship.
    Dance Instructor
    Has danced since 2003 and is an active dancesport competitor.
    Dance Instructor
    Participated in and won numerous national and international competitions in Latin American and standard partner dancing.
    Dance Instructor
    Professional coach, choreographer and dancer with over 20 years of experience in dancesport.
    Dance Instructor
    Choreographer of various shows, music and stage performances, and videos. Currently a theater choreographer.
    Dance Instructor
    Placed 4th at the World Championship in Latino Jazz formation dancing in Liberec.
    Dance Instructor
    Participant in various ceremonies, sports competitions and dance events. Has performed on "Universiade", "Vienna Ball”, "Your face sounds familiar" and "Dancing with the Stars" as a celebrity’s partner.
    Dance Instructor
    Member of the Vračar Formation Team and participant in national and world championships.
    Dance Instructor
    Semi-finalist of the World Championship in Latino dances in formation dance.
    Dance Instructor
    Multiple time finalist in national competitions for couples dancing in ten dances in the senior category.